Ad Swapping Magic Technique to Build Your List Goldmine

25May 2021

I am about to show you a neat little trick that helps you build your email customer list, without spending any money. It utilizes your current subscribers to obtain more subscribers, known as the ‘Ad Swap Method’.

You first of all seek other businesses in your market that have a similar sized email list to yours, or larger. What you do is broadcast their message to your list, and in return, they promote your advert to their email list. What you are actually doing is endorsing or cross promoting each others’ offers to hungry buyers from each other’s lists.

Your goal is to have as many prospects as possible to sign up to your email list, and later to purchase your products or services. Do this ad swap with as many email list owners as possible. You only have to do this once with each email list, and the results will follow, depending on your marketing message being well written.

Happy Ad Swapping and take care!

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This works great for me and is totally easy for you to replicate.

All is made clear in this short video: Click Here if You’re in.

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