Have you ever had problems with or Heard of click fraud? You could fall Victim and Not Even Know it.

25May 2021

If not, let me explain what click fraud is. Many website owners have Adsense adverts on their sites. Adsense is Google’s advertising program where they charge ‘per click’ through to the advertisers’ website or offer. Click fraud is the process of intentionally clicking on those adverts on your own website to receive income from the clicks. The majority of Adsense advertisers are honest and genuine, however you always get the bad apples in the bunch.

So, your website generates income on each click through to the advertisers’ website. With the onset of bad individuals misusing the Adsense program, software has been built to analyse the traffic to and from your website. The possibility of click fraud can be easily detected using such software, and I suggest you should install such software, as you could end up paying more for your advertising than you should be.

As much as one fifth of the advertisers budget is paid out due to click fraud. So it could be a good investment paying between $100 and $300 for the software.

The quickest method fraudsters use is a robot software that automatically clicks the adverts on the website. Other’s click the links on their own website, or hire a black hat hacker type to do the dirty work for them. Sometimes this is done to sabotage their competitors.

Google has strict guidelines in place, used to protect the reputation of the Adsense service. Anyone caught taking part in click fraud will lose their ability to advertise using the Google service. Fraud has the ability to destroy an entire industry.

I am not aware of any Federal or state laws against click fraud, however since more and more people are working online, it may well become a federal offence to commit click fraud. It would be good to see this happen, as it will create a more genuine place to do business online.

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