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24May 2021

PPC is a very popular advertising method where the advertiser is charged each time the user clicks on the link on their advert. The ads are syndicated across many websites that match niche market keywords chosen by the advertisers.

You ‘bid’ on search positions for your keywords, and your advert appears usually to the right of the search page. Adverts at the top of the main search results cost the advertisers more, due to those positions leading to having a higher click through rate.

Other names given to PPC advertising include “pay per performance”, “pay per page placement”, “Cost Per Click”, “Pay per Ranking” and “Pay per Position”.

To setup a PPC campaign, you must take the following steps, in the order described here:

STEP #1:

Open an account with a PPC advertising provider such as Google Adwords.

STEP #2:

Deposit funds into your PPC account. Remember, do not use ‘scared money’. That is, money you need to pay bills/rent etc.

STEP #3:

Perform keyword research and compile your target keywords list in a text file or spreadsheet.

STEP #4:

Decide on how much to bid on each keyword or keyword group for the ad placement you wish to have your advert displayed on.

STEP #5:

Design/create your text advert copy.

STEP #6:

Setup your landing page for your ads to collect emails.

STEP #7:

Setup email sequence follow up messages in autoresponder such as aweber.

STEP #8:

Activate your PPC campaign and monitor results closely.

The benefits of utilizing PPC advertising as part of your overall campaign are described here:

  • Your reach is widened, moreso than with organic search engine traffic. More targeted people will see your ad.
  • Immediate launch: You can implement this very quickly, within an hour of paying your winning bid and uploading your advert.
  • Your investments are all tracked and traced. You’ll be able to see where your customers are coming from, how much each visitor will cost you to aquire, what the visitor does when they visit your site, and a means to see your ROI (Return On Investment).
  • All of your traffic is pre-qualified, quality rich and specific. It will get you prospects that are already interested in your product, and more likely to convert to repeat customers of your products or services.

When planning and setting up your PPC campaign, here are some things you will want to consider for it to be a success:

1. Pre-determine your ad budget upfront and stick within your means. Avoid getting into a bidding war on a keyword, this could lead to overspend.

2. Know your product, service and target market. Show that you are an expert in that area.

3. Keep an eye on the finances and know when to pull out of a campaign. Measure up your profit margins against business expenses to see whether or not your campaign is successful.

4. Make sure to bid right, meaning if you bid too low you won’t get enough exposure of your advert, and if you bid too high you risk burning out your budget.

5. Make use of free online keyword research tools and choose your keywords wisely. It is best to focus on specific keywords or phrases and not general ones that are related to your target niche market.

6: Ensure that your website and landing pages look professional and are fully functional. Keep website design simple and easy to use, with no broken images or links. Make sure your contact details are visible, and install an SSL certificate on your site for security purposes.

7. Ensure you create adverts that are persuasive and effective. Some ways you can do this include:

  • Providing a money back guarantee
  • Offering a discount
  • Present the major benefits of your product
  • Satisfied customers’ testimonials used on sales page
  • Free samples or time limited trials offered
  • Endorsements by famous or celebrities
  • Free giveaways

When you do this successfully and plan ahead, you can be sure to see good returns on your investment.

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