On the go, Mobile Internet Marketing for Your Business

21June 2021

There are two different forms of mobile marketing. First being the older, traditional type that includes road shows, on the move conferences and billboards in town and city centres. The other being the digital version, where your business will be concerned with targeting their customers via internet enabled mobile phones, tablet computers and SMS or MMS services.

In the early years after the introduction of mobile technology into modern society, the developers found that people where receiving unwanted marketing messages. These messages are more commonly known as spam. Laws where put into place so that it became illegal to send unsolicited messages. So that you don’t become subject to fines and blackisting of your email address and business name, it would be wise to read the guidelines laid out by the Mobile Marketing Association and Interactive Advertising Bureau. Take time to plan your campaign carefully to ensure the right functioning of mobile advertising technology.

Short coding services became a popular thing in Asia and Europe. The short code would have been a shortened link sent via SMS. Nowadays, there are services available to shorten website domain names such as bity and tiny URL. It has now become possible to send SMS text messages from a mobile phone to email addresses. Some businesses will also pay for adverts within games and apps on smartphones. Bluetooth is another technology now used widely for marketing and communications. It is possible to send messages to mobile users based on their geographic location. This is known as ‘location based service.

Because the customers opt-in to receiving your marketing messages, it is quite safe and lawful. Call based promotions allow you to provide the opportunity to send your messages using voice based messages, much like the way telesales marketers would do. All in all, mobile marketing is a great way to obtain new leads and customers for your business. It is vital that your websites are mobile display friendly compatible to ensure that you don’t lose new customers to your competitors.

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