Affiliate Marketing – What You Need to Know

24May 2021

So you may ask, “what is Affiliate Marketing and how can I benefit from it?”. Affiliate marketing is greatly similar to joint venturing, where you, the advertiser receives a percentage of the sale price for promoting a product of another business. Some refer to it as being a subset of internet marketing.

Some vendors have their own affiliate management software built into their website, while others choose to employ affiliate management companies, such as Click-bank or warrior-plus. Product developers in effect outsource the marketing of their products to third party vendors. Affiliate programs are promoted via email marketing, solo adverts, press adverts, direct mail, search engine optimisation and blogging.

This process requires quite a bit of work to succeed, I mean in a genuine way. In the past, many impatient or incompetent marketers used black hat techniques such as email spamming, misleading advertising and copyright/trademark infringement. However over the past decade or so, complex algorithms have been developed to weed out the black hat marketers, making their fraudulent promotions worthless. More opportunites have arisen from the advent of affiliate marketing, however the competition has increased and you really need your advertising to stand out among the crowd to make it work.

Affiliate marketing was invented by ‘cdnow’, a music oriented website. Geffen records was the first music label to use affiliate marketing. They were the company that promoted Nirvana and Guns n’ Roses. Around eight weeks later, Amazon jumped on the affiliate bandwagon, leading to the creation of the Amazon Associates program.

There are four types of compensation and payout used in todays affiliate programs:

(in order of popularity)

CPA – Cost per Action

CPS – Cost per sale

CPC – Cost per click

CPM – Cost per mile

The aim for the affiliate is to send as much targeted, non spam traffic to their assigned affiliate link, in order to receive their commission. Affiliate marketing is also known as performance marketing, as payments are only made when the affiliate achieves a sale from the traffic they generate. It is the job of the affiliate program product developer to tailor their web copy to produce the sale once the prospect lands on their sales page.


Affiliate marketing is a great way for a newcomer with no product and little experience to get in on the internet marketing scene and make some serious moo-lah in the process. Would you like to get in on the affiliate program game using a selection of techniques that actually work, over and over? Simply Click Here to Access – this is what I used when starting out.

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