About Nmax Consulting Services

Who are we and why should you choose us?

At Nmax Consulting, we strive to offer quality, performance driven online or offline campaigns for your business and create profitable campaigns with a clear goal in mind, that is to see you make a good return.

With over ten years of experience in the digital marketing and technology field, we’re here to help your local or national business or trade service attract more clients and close more happy customers and recurring clients.

We get how difficult it is to get going and maintain a good business. So allow our team of skilled experts assist you in navigating the treasuremap of online marketing.

I started out after studying I.T. at college to Diploma level. I just couldn’t wait to get access to the free dial up internet in the library after class. You know the old days when you waited ten minutes to load a single web page!

I have monitored the technology and marketing sectors for over twenty years, and heck have things changed! More complexity and more tricky than it used to be. And I have learned that my past clients where not proficient or even have time to go off and learn website building and marketing. This is where I can help you take a massive shortcut in outwitting your competitors while saving you time for you to get on with being a landscaper or car mechanic, or whatever your business area and locale.

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Nial Max
Best and all forward,

Nial Max
Project Manager & Consultant